Maybe “Excavator” will dig their desktop market grave. I see peeps mention low speeds around 2. In game or out of game, intel wins. Windows 8 supports CMT-based CPUs out of the box by addressing each core as logical cores and modules as physical cores. I am not sure whether this is due to the fact that a 4C Trinity is not really 4C.

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[AMD] This looks promising – skip Piledriverand bet on Steamroller –

If it means “gut the FPU and rely on the graphics processor to do floating-point math,” tk, that’s less promising. Retrieved 16 January On the other hand Yorkfield clocked considerably better than Kentsfield.

And also Intel kills AMD where crunching and folding is concerned as well. Yep, that is why I said FX and not Piledriver. AMD designed the Bulldozer architecture to turbo up to speeds of 5GHz stock, so the thing that makes the most sense is that the process node has a lot of problems at Global Foundries.

AMD sikp skip Piledrive r and place hopes on Steamroller If this is a legit rumor, then call i can say is “ouch” Or at least AMD is not stating them at the moment.

Given AMD’s abysmal track record on execution over the past few years, this statement doesn’t give me a warm fuzzy feeling.: Many people seem to forget or ignore the bigger picture. Thuban had higher IPC, lower power, and in general was wmd pretty good chip.


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Funny you say that,since IB looks the same to me. It makes sense from many standpoints to akd a delayed architecture and put additional resources into one that’s launching in the not-so-distant future. I’ve seen a few people claim that before obr. Anyways Curious anybody compare fx to the new trinity’s?

All times are GMT Note, that mobile trinity also on time.

Only the “Abu Dhabi’ dual die lower clock core total server chip should be out next month. Retrieved 6 January Does Piledriver deliver where Bulldozer pjledriver short? What’s the clock limits on the bulldozer nb? It makes sense from many standpoints to skip a delayed architecture and put additional resources into one that’s launching in the not-so-distant future.

Are there any Integer benchmarks yet for Bulldozer on Win8?

Piledriver (microarchitecture) – Wikipedia

They are not skipping Piledriver, the author of the text at VRzone is making things up. If true, I hope it is because the Steamroller shrink is going much better than expected piledriber will ship ahead of schedule.

Folders especially will care about how much power is being used load because their systems are always load. That didnt last long. Uuugh it’s gonna be a long wait for steamroller i feel like i need to find an image of someone about to be run over by a steamroller and stands there for an hour before it hits them. Most people know that unless you just have money to burn or you want intel hex core stay away from socket as it offers very little advantage for the cost.


Where do I buy? P piledriger in some games sklp by marginal amounts in others and paid 3 times what we did. I’ve pretty much had my eyes set on Trinity mad now I’m hearing there is going to be a new “fixed” revision out early next year.

That is the only reason I could see for a company not to put out a new amv to make money with. You basically answered your own question. The only real uncertainty is whether AMD will be able to compete with Intel’s enthusiast products so they can make bozos like us happy.