For example, a common port DB2 listens on for this type of connection is More information on the driver is available from here: CentOS Linux x86, version 4. View solution in original post. These components have dramatic effects on application performance, reliability and portability.

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Powered by Progress Sitefinity. For example, a common port DB2 listens on for this type of connection is After downloading IBM i Accessstart the installation by double-clicking on the cwblaunch. Assuming your DB2 instance is configured to allow this type of connection, you would need to provide RazorSQL with your login id and password, and the following information: SecondI always set rows per batch and maximum row size to a value like 10, However, a special license file is required for this to work.

Message 2 of 14 12, Views. RazorSQL ships with the Universal Type 4 driver, so no additonal downloads are necessary to connect with this driver.

Message 1 of 14 12, Views.

Solved: Cannot connect to AS via IBM DB2 database – Microsoft Power BI Community

Tuesday, October 13, – 9: Then I could toss all of this iSeries access mess out the door. Those two paths should be separated by a semi-colon. To open odbc data sources in windows versions 7 upwards press the windows key type odbc click on the version you need 32 dv2 or 64 bit.


I only set the lock table d2b if really needed. Message 3 of 14 12, Views. This is the name of the database to connect to.

Creating an ODBC connection to an IBM DB2 database – FME Knowledge Center

Thanks for this post. This fits nicely with a client that I am helping. I got it to work yesterday. Thanks for your comments, John. Click “Mappings” on the left to complete the columns mappings and click “OK” to complete the destination configuration:. DB2 Net Driver The DB2 Net driver is a legacy driver that can be used to make a direct connection to DB2 assuming that the appropriate proxy is set up on the DB2 server machine to listen for connections.

View solution in original post. Here is the name of the license file: Thanks again for a very nice article! You may need to contact your iSeries administrator for the correct settings. Secondly, choose each driver in the following screenshot when connecting to IBM database and check if it is successful.


D2b could help us a lot by simply allowing a different port in their own DB2 connection driver. Specify the data source name under the “General” tab and enter the host name of your iSeries as “System”:. Day 1 Support for any new versions Day One Support for disruptive technologies with frequent release cycles.

Creating an ODBC connection to an IBM DB2 database

Get data Ibm db2 database Connect Server: However, you are locking the table. This is the port that DB2 is listening on.

Message 5 of 14 12, Views. Lised below are links to more information about getting connected to DB2: Create the new table by clicking the “New” button or use existing table by selecting the table name from the drop down list.