I actually bought the 8X Dxr3 kit brand new back in late Windows 7 Windows Vista. Creative Labs drivers are. You’d be partially correct. Rta Full License Test Form. Supports Windows 10, 8, 7. Originally Posted by NeXT.

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D Blaster Voodoo 2 drivervd. Join Date Aug Posts If you were to start searching these up, you would likely find little information and still not be able to ascertain what the card is for. D Blaster PCI driverg. That decoder was the quality benchmark for years, no other MPEG2 hardware decoder came close. D Blaster Annihilator Pro driver. Creative Labs Video Drivers. The time now is On the slot cover, the card gets really confusing.

Making Your Own Ebook. D Blaster Voodoo 2 drivervoodoo.

RFunny that you can’t find the drivers. If searching for Linux drivers, use that term, and if Windows, call it a “Hollywood Plus”. It turns out that this card is a rebadged device by “Sigma Designs” who also pretends it doesn’t exist now called the “Hollywood Plus”. D Blaster Voodoo 2 driver. There are also at least two Creative models, CT and CT, I believe a bit different, but they serve similar purpose. D Blaster PCI driver. Users can vote and say if ct driver is working on their Windows 8 systems.


D Blaster Annihilator 2 driver.

Anyway, the most common name for this device is “DXR3”, which is what the Linux driver project for this card refers to it as. All times are GMT Originally Posted by McGuywer.

Creative Labs CT7240 Video MPEG PCI Decoder Card

You also won’t find cr7240 by searching for CT Like the HD decoder cards today used in netbooks and laptops to allow weaker machines to play HD content, this was used to let older machines play DVDs and MPEG2 video without relying on the host system as heavily as normal. I xt7240 bought the 8X Dxr3 kit brand new back in late Do you perhaps have any updated information?

Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Now the card with correct dongle sits in a box somewhere.

Creative CT – What it is and what it’s for -Demystified-

Apparently a notable purpose for this card was for playing Wing Commander IV. You’d be partially correct. D Blaster Banshee driver.


Since it’s designed to do VGA input, passed to output, of which it has more than one.

Creative Labs CT7235 / CT7240 Free Driver Download

Originally Posted by DrSwizz. Supports Windows 10, 8, 7.

I wonder if the code for it in the kernel and Mplayer actually still works. Creative CT – What it is and what it’s for -Demystified- I’ve had this card in one of my ct72240 for a few years now, not really knowing what it was.