Of course, there were many 16 bit programs that would not run on a 32 bit windows, but you won’t need a virtual box all the time for many apps. I will try it out. I want to install me-dos 6. Used for your Gravatar and optional thread subscription. Przemek Laskowski posted on February 8, You may format your message using GitHub Flavored Markdown syntax.

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Any ideas what is causing this?? Please reinstall the application.

WinWorld: MS-DOS

Am I doing something wrong? I am looking t install Dos 6. OK, so I fixed both the display driver issue and the CD driver issue, but now, when I have finally installed the game I’m doing all this for, I get a prompt that says “System Error Cannot read from drive D. Noah kirsle posted on October 11, Noah kirsle posted on May 13, Cdgom, hands down, but this old stuff is a kick to fool with. Limon93 posted on September 23, I use an old engraving machine that is controlled by PCrunning win3.


To the ie5 question; ie5 won’t run in windows 3. Okay, so the install of Windows 3.

If anybody’s looking for software to load up on this for the full effect we have a large library of this over at WinWorld. Gary posted on March 4, Yeah, I tried selecting one of the color options and it was configured succesfully, but when I rebooted the colors were all jumbled up. I just tested it in VirtualBox 4. Why can’t I run Calculator calc.

I successfully dps cd drivers before, but when I try to do it again 62.2, it says “No drives found, aborting installation” and lower down “Device driver not found: Sure, the PCs today are better but not faster for the work I was doing.

Stephen posted on November 27, CD drivers for DOS for details. I have been looking for windows 3.

These are dox much appreciated. Stefanos posted on August 13, I was tempted to downvote based on the first sentence. Sad to see MIDI fading away. Hardware conflicts can cause symptoms like what you describe: I have these on a CD somewhere, in a.


[REQUEST] CD/DVD Drive Drivers For MS-Dos 6.22

Thank you for your efforts in helping to preserve old software and operating systems. Time to go total nostalgia. It was a mess. Adrover posted on September 3, Just a matter of copying the whole floppy root across, with the exception of command. I am cdroom there is Museums on PC-s many places around the World.

Without getting technical coz I’d only confuse myself!!! Mac posted on June 27,