My request is due to some messages during the. July 21, at Setting up python-dev 2. Now the address is needed to know which device has to listen or talk. So what I want to do is to control these devices from my Debian Linux computer and to read out data. If communication with the device works using ibtest , the setup of the softIOC is trivial if you stick to the 7-step recipe in section 3.

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Here, the getCurrentStep protocol would need to be changed to. Do you want to continue?

Following roughly the same procedure with Debian in the end everything worked fine. I’m not able to linx in python but I was using and example provided by NI: Done Building dependency tree Reading state information Their software is too abstract for me to understand what is going on. Python reading and writing to tty Developers Questions – Msn4Free.

The controller sends a command to the GPIB device and waits for an answer. Once you have linux-gpib installed, it’s time to configure your interface board.

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Ni usb gpib issue – Unix & Linux Stack Exchange

July 21, at Communication between your computer and the Prologix adapter ist up and running! To use this simple guideline can be followed.

During the last weeks I read a lot about how to connect GPIB devices to a computer and how to communicate with them.

It has a microcontroller inside and does all the basic GPIB communication things by itself. New USB device strings: If for example you have a Fluke 45 multimeter that has its GPIB address set to 12 then type in the second terminal window:.

These steps must complete without errors in the end. This is my error message when i try to link: There are problems with the kernel?

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GPIB on Debian Linux – The Easy Way

If communication with the device works using ibtestthe setup of the softIOC is trivial if you stick to the 7-step recipe in section 3.


The response here comes from my Keithley A sitting at address 2 and doesn’t exactly match what we expect. Used gcc version can be changed by running update-alternatives –config gcc bc package also required, it can be installed by apt-get install bc. Daniele Disco February 1, at Find all of the instruments on the bus.

I do net get the “fxload” command to work.

Redistribution and use of this article or any images or files referenced in it, in source and binary forms, with or without modification, are permitted provided that the following conditions are met:. Thanks again, great you got it up and running.

GPIB on Debian Linux – The Easy Way – heliosoph

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Out there are many ways to do it.