Microsoft LiveCam VX 9. BenQ Joybook S32B built-in 1. Works if you stop your video and then restart. Works fine out of the box – noted below as not working – but worked perfectly for me. No issues compared to what was reported for 7.

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Works right away in Cheese. You can check if it does with cheese. The 18 month support period for Edgy Eft 6. Camera does work in mplayer. See full activity log. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

Kernel team bugs The built-in microphone doesn’t work, although it is seen by ALSA. Logitech Webcam C If you use Cairo-dock, you are probably using the OpenGL version.

Skype and Web Cameras

Tchibo Laptop Camera Microdia 7. This camera was added to Karmic kernel 2. I posted some more notes about it along with dmesg output etc here: ZC Webcam by lsusb.

So, for this bug to become fixed what needs to happen is that the microdia git tree needs to be merged into Linus’s mainline kernel. Camera is recognized, but “Test Camera” crashes Skype.


March Ubuntu System does not recognize webcam automatically, but after manual loading driver modprobe uvcvideo it works well. Overall, I hope this helps you as it can seem like a never-ending frustration to use some web-cams under Linux, while many other web-cams work out of the box! Go to this page: I want to do it on skype and it shows the webcam, but won’t test it or let me view it.

If it does not, first check that the gspca module is loaded. Works with Cheese at x, x, x, x, x and x Logitech Quickcam S 9. Close any such program and re-select the Skype video settings preview image before concluding that it doesn’t work.

Alexander – the forum post may relate to a different version of Ubuntu but did you try it?

Is there a Linux driver for that webcam? Works on Skype 2.

[ubuntu] Microsoft LifeCam VX and GNU/Linux and SKYPE, no green

It would be helpful if you could test the new release and verify if this is still an issue – http: With gstfakevideo you may get the preview as well with a single XV port.


Camera works out of the box with Skype 2. You only see a white rectangle in Skype when you activate video;and 3.

Works out of the box, but Compiz must be turned off due to Intel X video card. The uvc driver does recognize the device as can be tested with luvcview. Needed compiling latest gspca driver. I have a 64 bits system ,icrosoft my aim was to make my camera work with Skype. Entries that don’t specify a version usually refer to the first beta, please test using the latest beta available on the Skype Linux Beta page, or the last available stable release; Skype 2.