This have big warranty time and you confiability. Tue May 22, 2: Show less Show more. It came on the slips of paper that came in the retail box units. Mon May 21, 5: Sellers generally don’t want you to test compatibility with their wares; therefore, I was happy to find an exact match Model, TLA and Code for my drive. Thu May 24, 5:

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Maxtor MaxLine Pro GB Internal RPM ” (7HF0) HDD | eBay

The Maxtor drive electronics may be fragile with respect to power surges a Western Digital drive survived the same calamity but swapping requiring just a standard Torx wrench. Wed May 23, If it weren’t for the fact that it’s a raid array, I would have ditched them all already. Amazing condition, especially for maxlihe an old drive. Tue May 22, 2: I was happy that swapping the electronics was so easy.

Jul 1, Posts: Perhaps Doraemon could back me up on this, if she kept up on competitor practices such as this. Do not depend on this drive.

Additional Product Features Drive Interface. Jan 25, Posts: Sounds like a firmware issue. There was a marked increase in performance after the 20th power-on. Drive makes some noise compared to a new drive but otherwise is a very good unit.


I bought this used hard maxto so I could swap the drive electronics onto a dead drive of the same model, to recover GB of backups.

Maxtor MaxLine Pro 500GB Internal 7200RPM 3.5″ (7H500F0) HDD

I bought one from NewEgg. Sellers generally don’t want you to test compatibility with their wares; therefore, I was happy to find an exact match Model, TLA and Code for my drive. Mon May 21, 4: It’s possible that they’ve stopped doing it, but that’s how it was noted on the last few IDE Maxtor drives I purchased.

I ended up with two good drive mechanisms but only one working board, so if you can find just the drive electronics it might be better. The technical differences I know of are: I was also happy that my drive mechanism spun up and I was able to access my data with the new drive electronics; otherwise, I would have paid too much to buy a used and obsolete hard drive.

Thoughts on Maxtor MaxLine Pro 500GB 7H500F0 ?

Mon May 21, 5: Mon May 21, Show less Show more. The average latency of a mere 8. Sep 22, Posts: My motherboard, power supply, and hard drives had died in a mysterious power calamity. I’ll be using the MX From what I’ve read, the Seagate gets pretty warm even though it has 3 platters and uses perpendicular writing.


Maxtor MaXLine Pro – hard drive – GB – ATA Overview – CNET

We bring arrays full of Maxtors online to full speed in our production testing and have never experienced a reduced performance level– if they did do that, we’d know, becuase we peg these suckers to almost full speed immediately in our testing How about the MaxLine enterprise series? Wed May 23, 9: This item doesn’t belong maxlne this page.

Commercial data recovery services charge hundreds or thousands of dollars maxljne do this, so do-it-yourself can be a cost-effective way to go. Madwand Ars Praetorian Registered: