It’s impossible to purchase this mouse new unless you can find new old stock. I am not sure if the sensor will pick it up, but it should; and if it does, you’ll have a more intuitive mouse able to hit more surface variations. There are also ways to revitalize the hardware and keep the mouse going with some quick refurbish work. The ScrollPoint pointing stick is ideal for both horizontal and vertical scrolling, unlike standard wheel mice. A with , swap the PCB with a metallic black rev. Antique Sage and Slate Blue.

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For some reason only the ivory version has the IBM logo printed up near the top of the mouse instead near the bottom like the other ones, AND later black ones used a silver logo. The firmware which controls the ScrollPoint mechanism is flashed onto these Cypress microcontrollers.

IBM Mo09bo 3 Button USB Optical Lighted Scroll Mouse Mice DD

Based on model MO09K, these ScrollPoint mice are slightly elongated to compensate for the wireless circuitry. If you’re moderately gentle the original porous texture underneath the rubber will be preserved. It is possible to ‘donate’ the rubber siding from the ball ScrollPoint Mo09no to the optical one, this does require some minor modifications however.

The revisions are colour specific: The differences with these ones is that they now use an DPI sensor instead of the optical-sensing ball; the sides are now coated with the rubber paint and the ScrollPoint mechanism now lights up!

Here’s a photo comparing both slate blue colours and a metallic black:. No mechanical ball to get dusty, dirty or stolen. David Hill the industrial designer of the mouse remarked: The antique sage ones are prized for their unique look, however. Fortunately you can remove the button assembly albeit it’s not easy and correct the problem on earlier mice.


I’m not sure why IBM made these mice more expensive to manufacture as time went on perhaps to make it easier to repair as they carried a 1 year on-site warranty; or someone internally at IBM wanted to make it easier for people to mod them– unlikely.

And fortunately you can just use the black rubber siding from a slate blue MO18B so it fits nicely at the top and you get a fresh piece. The slate blue mice are presumably less common and were only manufactured with IBM logos because this colour was dropped with the later models.

First and foremost, it’s interesting the earlier IBM mouse lacked a detachable USB cable– and all of the sudden in the later models they implement this which is helpful when you have to disassemble these mice en-masse. Like all things, eventually these mice will be harder to find as time goes on.

I’ve replaced the original blue LED with a purple one, and it really fits the mouse very well 1 matching the ScrollPoint cap’s original colour much better 2 makes the glow a lot more soft and less visually intrusive.

The research document can be read here:. If your ScrollPoint isn’t new and has a damaged rubber coating, just use m09bo magic eraser and gently remove the rubber or let the plastic soak in water and soap for a few hours and rub it off with a coarse cloth.

You have to use a fine pair of pliers to snip the excess plastic out, shown here: They are considerably lighter than the ScrollPoint II Pro mice lacking the heavy rubberized ball bearing.

The dpi optical sensor is more accurate and faster than before.

They discontinued the more elaborate ScrollPoint III Pro Model 31P as pictured above inpresumably due to the cost of manufacture mous little demand. This part can be skipped if you don’t want the glowing aspect you could even desolder the LED. Be careful not to cut too deep and slice away the plastic.


IBM Mo09bo 3 Button USB Optical Lighted Scroll Mouse Mice DD | eBay

Fixing the divot on the button plastic After in extensive use the microswitch will cut the plastic of either left or right clickable buttons and mose thumb button if you use that frequently.

Omuse you rely on the ScrollPoint over a conventional ‘wheel’ mouse and are seeking to increase the performance and capability of your ScrollPoint; there are a few mo0bo that can help the existing sensor used in these mice.

Green probably looks the worst as it changes the cap to look an almost grey-like colour. If you’re going to use a Lenovo board, be warned that some people have reported premature failure with them– most likely due to cold solder joints or prematurely failed capacitors. Another difference is that the bottom covers are different between the two as well: Lenovo no longer manufactures jouse ScrollPoint mice anymore so they’re now officially dead. It’s impossible to purchase this mouse new unless you can find new old stock.

I will at some point try swapping the ICs to determine which one is responsible for the behaviour change.

Lenovo MO09BO 3 Button USB Optical Lighted Scroll Mouse | eBay

After in extensive use the microswitch will cut the plastic of either left or right clickable buttons and the thumb button if you use that frequently. This PCB is connected by two ribbon cables that are hard-soldered. Fixing the divot on the button plastic.