At this point i ranted and raved and requested to be put through to the security team, but alas these specialists are e-mail based and don’t have phone lines! Telecom also released details of handsets available on launch day, which did not include Apple’s iPhone. Some stern words need to be had with some carriers maybe? My question is, Would the Okta Agent phone work on the Vodafone network – if so I can give it to my son. Before you ask a question, or before you get upset by a response, see here: This item may be a floor model or an item that has been returned to the seller after a period of use.

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It started with a CSR calling and telling my wife that tdlecom broadband account is about to be disabled as you are sending email per hour, and that is spam!

However I have a few questions which I have yet to get a consistent answer from Telecom over Should Skinny openly state on all their marketing material that they are a subsidiary of Telecom?

Add to Watch list. Back to home page. The time now is 5: Firstly – I have to say I do NOT have a telecom mobile phone this seems to be the cause of a couple of my issues!

BTW are there any left? Calculate Varies based on location and delivery method. I will however compliment good service when I recieve it, and staff at Northlands Mall Telecom Store in the past have been exceptional in sorting out issues with my credit card topups.


Forever asks for the username and password. Yes, with the telcom and brackets and all. Remember you need a minimum prepaid credit balance available to start a data session. Browsing All Articles Articles. Finally got one of these today.

Telecom MF636

The seller has relisted this item or one like this. I have been told that Telrcom loose coverage because this is a vodafone branded phone and will not pick up the telecom towers. OneSearch tool to Telecom mobile customers.

Telecom also today revealed the final handsets that will complete the device line-up on launch day. If there is any solution out there please can anyone let me know.

Telecom releases details of new mobile network plans

I see there are lots of clever people on here, and hoping someone can advise me. There are thousands Assuming this is some kind of paid service sky, rented movie etc would the “rebroadcast” of this over the internet lets say via skype or justin.

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The Okta continued in my ownership, but of course was unable to use it I subsequently left the company, but was able to transfer the account for my personal use and to retain the new Samsung phone. Anyone experiencing intermittent connectivity on Telecom Broadband? Wondered if anyone here had sorted out any of these issues. Can you or can you not access an online usage meter for the SIM in a T-Stick if you don’t have a telecom mobile??


Teldcom I called back to ensure that this wasn’t a scam, I spoke to a less than knowledgable ‘expert’ who again told me that my “xtra account has been sending ‘like’ emails per hour”.

Telecom releases details of new mobile network plans | Otago Daily Times Online News

Share Calling allows customers to group multiple users onto one plan, taking advantage of a lower per minute calling rate and free calling between group members. I reguarly every weekschange the password for the router, and have Symantec running through all the devices attached.

Telecom’s current mobile network continues to operate and will be supported as normal following the XT Mobile Network tellecom. Work address email comes through, xtra doesn’t.

Seems like all I do here now is moan, sorry people! Unemployment Rate Falls To 3.